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Today in military history: April 30, 2014


1305 – Catalan Company battle with the Alans (Turkey)

 Santa Caterina del Sasso (Varese). Refectory - Fragment of a fresco (14th century) showing soldiers
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Author: Wolfgang Sauber
1524 – Battle of Sesia Romagnano (Italy) 
1781 – Battle of Fort Royal ends (American Revolutionary War) (Naval) 
1794 – Battle of Boulou (War of the Pyrenees) 
1803 – Louisiana Purchase Treaty between the US and Napoleon signed  
1848 –Skirmish of Pastrengo (First Italian War of Independence)  
1849 – Battle in Rome (First Italian War of Independence 
1860 – Second Battle of Fort Defiance (Navajo Wars)
 Circa 1865 - Navajo War Chief Barboncito

1861 – Federals evacuate Fort Washita and the Indian Territory (US Civil War)  
1863 – Stoneman cavalry raid begins (US Civil War); Battle at Camerone (Second Franco-Mexican War)  
1865 – Confederates in Alabama and Mississippi agree to truce (US Civil War)   
1904 – Battle of the Yalu River begins (Russo-Japanese War) 
1942 – Destruction of Telavag (WWII) 
1943 – Operation Husky corpse released near Spanish port (WWII) 
1945 – Adolf Hitler commits suicide; Battle of Triest begins; Mar Ostrava taken (WWII) 
1951 – CCF Offensive stopped north of Seoul (Korean War) 
1952 – Wonsan Harbor Naval duel (Korean War) 
1967 – Operation Francis Marion ends (Vietnam War) 
1968 – Battle at Dai Do (Vietnam War) 
1972 – North Vietnam invades South Vietnam (Vietnam War)
 12 February 1973 - Viet Cong soldiers carry a litter with injured American POW, Capt. David Earle Baker, (captured 27 June 1972) from the hospital tent to the release point. American and South Vietnamese prisoners were exchanged for Viet Cong and North Vietnamese prisoners.

1975 – 1975 Spring Offensive ends; Operation Frequent Wind ends; Saigon taken (Vietnam War)

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