Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New military history research: Mayan fortifications, Naval warfare in 1904, WWI and WWII, 9th century BC Israel warfare

Ancient Mesoamerica has an article by Bradley W. Russell on Postclassic Mayan fortifications.  Russell discusses the large wall that encloses Mayapan.  He states the wall is commonly asserted to be a defensive structure but there have not been any studies to prove this.  Russell has gathered evidence strongly suggesting that the wall is a defensive structure.
Vessel with Battle Scene, 600-900 AD, Mesoamerica, Guatemala, Nebaj region, Maya

The Australian journal Headmark presents three historical studies.

Mike Fogarty writes on the 1904 British naval attack on Illig, Somaliland.  Fogarty discusses the effectiveness of the British logistical efforts in the attack on the Dervish forces.
 Portrait of Clement Leslie Smith, awarded the Victoria Cross: Somaliland, 10 January 1904

Matthew B. Wills addresses the WWII Battles of the Java Sea and Sunda Strait.  A Dutch Admiral, Admiral Helfrich, commanded Allied ships during these engagements.  Wills writes that Helfrich was more attached to the Netherlands East Indies than he was to Holland.  

The Royal Navy cruiser HMS Exeter (68) and the Australian cruiser HMAS Hobart (D63) under aerial attack by Japanese aircraft in seas of South East Asia. A Dutch destroyer is visible at right. Most probably this image was taken as the ship was passing through the Gaspar Straights, Indonesia, 14-15 February 1942.

In the Journal of Near Eastern Studies, Andrew Knapp analyzes the Aram-Israel conflicts of the 9th century BCE

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