Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Today in military history: April 23, 2014

1014 – Battle of Clontarf (Ireland)
Brian Boru addressing his Army before the Battle of Clotarf 1014 AD
1229 – Castile conquers Caceres (Spain) 
1449 – Battle of Borgomanero (Venetian-Milanese War) 
1521 – Battle of Villalar (Revolt of the Comuneros) 
1778 – American raid at Whitehaven, England (American Revolutionary War) 
1781 – Siege of Fort Watson ends (American Revolutionary War) 
1809 – Battle of Ratisbon (also Regensburg) (War of the Fifth Coalition) 
 19th century painting by Albrecht Adam - Napoleon in 1809, battle of Regensburg

1861 – Fort Smith taken (US Civil War)   
1864 – Battle of Cane River, LA (US Civil War) 
1917 – British occupy Samarra (WWI) 
1918 – Turks occupy Bayazid; Battle of Zeebrugge ends (WWI) 
1945 – Frankfurt (on Oder) And Cottbus taken (WWII) 
1949 – Nanjing conquered (Chinese Civil War) 
1950 – Chaing Kai-shek and troops evacuate mainland China (Chinese Civil War) 
1951 – Battle of Yultong ends (Korean War) 
1994– Assault on Gorazde ends (Bosnian War)

 June 4, 1996  - German Engineers belonging and supporting the Implementation Force (IFOR) in Bosnia as part of Operation JOINT ENDEAVOR. -
The Donji Bratinia Bridge, just north of the city of Gorazde, is re-opened after having been 
shut down after its' destruction by North Atlantic Treaty Organization air strikes.

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