Friday, April 25, 2014

New military history research: French military in Vietnam and the Vietnam air war

The Journal of Vietnamese Studies presents two articles of interest:

A study by Holly High, James R. Curran and Gareth Robinson looks into the contents of two large databases containing information on the air war over Southeast Asia.  The authors point out that this was the first war to “go digital” and the records maintained can provide a wealth of information on operations conducted. 
 1960s - Da Nang Air Base during the Vietnam War.  
Revetments shown provide protection against mortar and rocket attacks.

Jean Michaud studies a 1906 French military ethnography of Colonial Upper Tonkin in Northern Vietnam covering 1897 to 1904.  Michaud examines a public version of the ethnography and also a lesser known more military focused version. 
 Arrival at the “Porte de Chine” of the military commander of Guangxi, Marshal Su Yuan Chuan and his official entourage on 16 July 1900. The procession of sedan chairs, guarded by soldiers, had just passed through the outer gatehouse into French Indo-China (Vietnam). Marshal Su had been invited as a guest to celebrate the inaugural train of the railway connecting Hanoi with Dang Dong, close to the Nam-Quan frontier post between China and Vietnam.

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