Friday, April 18, 2014

Today in military history: April 19, 2014

1775 – Battle of Lexington and Concord; Siege of Boston begins (American Revolutionary War)
1782  - Battle of the Mona Passage (American Revolutionary War)
November 1787 - The Capture of the French 64-gun ships Caton and Jason 
by the Valiant 74 in the Mona Passage, 19 April 1782

1794 – Warsaw Uprising ends (Kościuszko Uprising)

1809 – Battle of Teugen-Hausen (War of the Fifth Coalition)

1861 – Major blockade of Southern ports ordered (US Civil War)

1862 – Skirmish at South Mills, NC (US Civil War)

1864 – Naval battle at Plymouth (US Civil War)

1916 – Kondoa Irangi taken (WWI)

1917 – Fort of Conde and Le Teton taken (WWI)

1945 – Allies take Leipzig, Pyinmana, Chauk, Magwe and Vigan (WWII)
 Burgomeister of Leipzig a suicide in his office together with wife and daughter as 
69th Infantry Division and 9th Armored Division closed on city.  April 20, 1945

1990 - Truce ends the Nicaraguan Civil War

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