Sunday, April 27, 2014

Today in military history: April 28, 2014

1487 – Battle of Ponte di Crevola (Transalpine campaigns)
 15th century drawing of a soldier

1503 – Battle of Cerignola (Second Italian War) 
1592 – Battle of Ch’ungju (Imjin War)
1760 – Battle of Sainte-Foy (French and Indian War)
1858 – Battle of Grahovac begins (Montenegro) 
1862 – Forts Jackson and St. Philip surrender (US Civil War)
1862 - "Reconnaissance of Forts Jackson and St. Philip, on the Mississippi, 
by Gun-boats from Flag-officer Farragut's Squadron"

1915 – First battle of Krithia (WWI) 
1937 – Air raids on Guernica ends (Spanish Civil War) 
1945 – Mussolini and mistress captured and killed; Allies take Brescia, Bergamo, Allessandria, and Augsburg  (WWII) 
1947 – Battle of Tang’erli ends (Chinese Civil War) 
1972 – Fire Base Bastogne falls (Vietnam War)
 M-107 firing, Battery C, 1st Battalion, 83d Field Artillery, at Fire Support Base Bastogne, Vietnam

1978 – Saur Revolution ends (Afghanistan)

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