Saturday, August 30, 2014

Today in military history: Unknown day in August

479 BC – Battle of Plataea (Greco-Persian Wars)
 The Battlefield of Plataea - Image extracted from page 141 of A tour in Greece, 1880. With illustrations by Lord Windsor, by FARRER, Richard Ridley.
70 - Siege of Jerusalem ends (First Jewish-Roman War)
 The destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem - 1867 oil on canvas by Francesco Hayez

991 – Battle of Maldon (Viking invasions of England) 
1101 – Battle of Mersivan (Crusade of 1101) 
1246 – Battle of Nidda (Germany) 
1542 – Battle of the Hill of the Jews (Abyssinian-Adal War) 
1570 – Siege of Ishiyama Hongan-ji begins (Japan) 
late 15th to early 16th century - Arrow maker "Ya-shi". From "Shokunin Zukusi-zu Byoubu" (Kita shrine collection).

1576 – First Battle of Kizugawaguchi (Japan) 
1580 – Siege of Ishiyama Hongan-ji ends (Japan) 
1594 – Battle of the Ford of the Biscuit (Nine Years’ War) 
1647 – Battle of Dungan’s Hill (Irish Confederate Wars) 
1686 - Second Siege of Buda ends (Great Turkish War) 
1748 – Siege of Pondicherry ends (First Carnatic War) 
1810 – First Battle of Batin (Russo-Turkish War of 1806-1812) 
1876 – Battle of Sumatovac (Serbian-Ottoman War of 1876-1877)
1918 – Siberian Intervention begins (Russian Civil War)


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