Friday, August 29, 2014

Today in military history: August 30, 2014

1258 - Battle of Corticella d'Ogli (Italy) 
1757 – Battle of Gross-Jagersdorf (Seven Years’ War) 
1813 – Battle of Kulm ends (War of the Sixth Coalition); Fort Mims massacre (Creek War) 
1814 – Lake Champlain campaign begins (War of 1812) 
1823 – Battle of Trocadero (French invasion of Spain) 
1842 - Battle of Ghoaine (First British-Afghan War) 
1856 - Battle of Osawatomie (Bleeding Kansas) 
1862 –Second Battle of Bull Run ends; Battle of Richmond ends (US Civil War) 
1880 – Battle at Fort Apache (Arizona) 
1914 – Battle of Tannenberg ends; Battle of Guise ends (WWI)
 The Mirror - August 30, 1914 - Adolphe Pégoud et Monternier goes to Paris to look for a new plane, German bullets having gotten to the other.
1941 – Germans take Mga (WWII) 
1942 – Battle of Alam el Halfa begins (WWII) 
1943 – Soviets take Yelna and Taganrog (WWII) 
1944 – British take Beauvais, France; Russians take Ploesti (WWII) 
 USS Hope (AH-7), Underway on 30 August 1944, photographed from a blimp of squadron ZP-31.

 Sherman tanks supporting infantry of 2/5th Leicestershire Regiment, 46th Division, near Coldazzo on the Gothic Line, 30 August 1944.

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