Monday, August 25, 2014

Today in military history: August 26, 2014

1071 – Battle of Manzikert (Byzantine-Seljuk wars) 
1221 - Battle of Bahr as-Saghir (Fifth Crusade)
The stained-glass window of William I (1167 - 1222), Count of Holland in the Lakenhal in Leiden created 1587-1588 by Willem Thibaut 
1278 – Battle of the Marchfield (Holy Roman Empire) 
1346 – Battle of Crecy (Hundred Years’ War) 
1444- Battle of Saint Jakob der Birs (Old Zurich War) 
1565 – Chaseabout raid (French wars of religion) 
1612 – Battle of Kringen (Kalmar War) 
1652 – Battle of Plymouth (First Anglo-Dutch War) (Naval) 
1782 – Battle of the Combahee River (American Revolutionary War) 
1813 – Battle of Katzbach; Battle of Dresden begins (War of the Sixth Coalition) 
1861 – Battle of Kessler’s Cross Lanes (US Civil War) 
1862 – Battle of Second Bull Run begins (US Civil War)
 1862 - Two photographers having lunch in the Bull Run area before the second battle

1877 – Second Battle of Shipka Pass ends (Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878) 
1884 – Battle of Fuzhou (also Pagoda Anchorage) ends (Sino-French War) (Naval) 
1914 – Battle of Charmes ends; Battle of Tannenberg begins; Battle of Le Cateau (WWI) 
1918 – Battle of Baku begins (Armenian-Azerbaijani War)
1918 - One of the first British Army guns to arrive in Baku is manhandled down a gangplank into the port.
1945 – Battle of Yinji begins; Huaiyin-Huai’an Campaign begins (Chinese Civil War) 
1966 - Battle at Omugulugwombashe (Namibian War of Independence)

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