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Today in military history: August 2, 2104

338 BC – Battle of Chaeronea (Macedon)
 Photo from 1918 of the Lion of Chaeronea was erected by the Thebans to commemorate the dead at the Battle of Chaeronea (338 BC). Excavation of the tomb brought to light 254 skeletons, believed to be the remains of the Sacred Band of Thebes, laid out in seven rows. The pedestal and the lion are about 10 ft (3.0 m) and 12.5 ft (3.8 m) high, respectively.
216 BC – Battle of Cannae (Second Punic War) 
47 BC - Battle of Zela (Caesar’s Pontic Campaign) 
1553 – First Battle of Marciano (Italy) 
1554 – Second Battle of Marciano (Italy)
 Battle of Marciano in Val di Chiana - 1563-1565 painting by Giorgio Vasari and perhaps covering Da Vinci's 1505 painting The Battle of Anghiari

1595 - Battle of Cornwall begins (Anglo-Spanish War of 1585) (partly Naval) 
1777 – Siege of Fort Stanwix begins (American Revolutionary War) 
1813 - Battle of the Pyrenees ends (Peninsular War); Battle of Fort Stephenson (War of 1812) 
1831 – Ten Days’ Campaign begins (post Belgian Revolution) 
1832 – Battle of Bad Axe begins (Black Hawk War) 
1861 – Battle of Dug Springs; Federals evacuate Fort Stanton (US Civil War) 
1862 – Battle of Orange Court House (US Civil War) 
1876 – Battle of Fundina (Montenegrin-Turkish War of 1876-1878) 
1903 – Battle of Meckin Kamen ends (Ilinden-Preobraženie uprising) 
1940 – Battle of Sardinia (WWII) (Naval) 
1943 - Raids on Hamburg end (Air); Candians take Regalbuto, Sicily; Soviets take Znamenskaya (WWII)  
1944 – Allies take Villedieu (WWII) 
1964 – Attack on USS Maddox (Vietnam War) (Naval) 
1967 – Operations Malheur I and II end (Vietnam War) 
2006 – Operation Sharp and Smooth ends (2006 Lebanon War)
 Merkava tanks in northern Israel,August 18, 2006
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