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Today in military history: August 19, 2014

1153 - Siege of Ascalon ends (Crusades)
The siege of Ascalon by King Baldwin III of Jerusalem from Les Passages d'outremer faits par les Français contre les Turcs depuis Charlemagne jusqu'en 1462
1388 – Battle of Otterburn (Anglo-Scottish Border Wars) (poss occurred August 5) 
1444 - Battle of Montolmo (Italy) 
1646 – Surrender of Raglan Castle (First English Civil War) 
1648 – Battle of Preston ends (Second English Civil War) 
1691 – Battle of Slankamen (Great Turkish War) 
1759 – Battle of Lagos ends (Seven Years’ War) (Naval) 
1779 – Battle of Paulus Hook (American Revolutionary War) 
1781 – Siege of Fort St. Philip begins (American Revolutionary War) (partly Naval) 
1782 – Battle of Blue Licks (American Revolutionary War) 
1809 – Battle of Savar and Ratan (Finnish War) 
1812 – USS Constitution captures HMS Guerriere (War of 1812) (Naval); Battle of Smolensk ends (Napoleon’s Invasion of Russia)

 The Constitution and the Guerriere - oil on canvas circa 1845 by Thomas Chambers

1847 – Battle of Contreras begins (Mexican-American War) 
1854 – Grattan Fight (First Sioux War) 
1861 – Battle of Bird’s Point (US Civil War) 
1862 – Battle of Clarksville (US Civil War) 
1863 – Carson’s Indian expedition in Arizona ends (US Civil War) 
1870 – Siege of Metz begins (Franco-Prussian War) 
1915 – Battle of Chunuk Bair ends (WWI) 
1942 – Dieppe Raid (WWII) (partly Naval)
 A general view of some of the Royal Navy small naval craft covering the landing during the Combined Operations daylight raid on Dieppe.

An American soldier receives a light for his cigarette from a compatriot at Newhaven on his return from Dieppe. This was the first time that American troops had seen action in Europe during the Second World War.

Some of the men who participated in the Dieppe raid with the Union Jack 
which was flown briefly from the cliffs of Dieppe. 

The Dieppe raid, August 19, 1942 Lt Col The Lord Lovat, CO of No. 4 Commando, at Newhaven after returning from the raid.

 Commandos returning to Newhaven in their landing craft (LCAs) following the Diepe raid.

A wounded Canadian soldier being disembarked from a Polish Hunt-II class destroyer ORP Slavak at Portsmouth on return from Dieppe.

 British and Canadian POWs of the Germans marching in Dieppe 
following the unsuccessful raid.

August 19, 1941 - Germans examine a destroyed Churchill tank of the 
Cavalry Regiment left behind after the raid.

1944 – Operation Bagration ends; Battle of Paris begins (WWII)
 German tank (Hotchkiss H35) moving in downtown Paris 
on August 19 1944 during the Battle for Paris.
1945 – Battle of Yongjiazhen ends (Chinese Civil War) 
1953 – 1953 Iranian coup ends (Cold War) 
1967 - Operation Coronado IV begins (Vietnam War) 
1981 – Gulf of Sidra incident (Libya) (Air)

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