Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Today in military history: August 13, 2014

900 - Battle of Susteren (Netherlands) 
1415 – Siege of Harfleur begins (Hundred Years’ War) 
1505 - Sack of Mombasa (Voyage of the 7th Portuguese India Armada) (partly Naval)
 16th century drawings of Portuguese ships of the period - Livro_das_Armadas
1521 – Siege of Tenochtitlan ends (Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire)
 Aztec Warriors (Eagle Warrior at the left and Jaguar Warrior at the right) brandishing a macuahuitl (a wooden club with sharp obsidian blades)
1704 – Battle of Blenheim (also Second Battle of Hochstadt) (War of the Spanish Succesion) 
1762 – Battle of Havana (Anglo-Spanish War of 1761-1763) (Naval) 
1777 – Battle of Machias begins (American Revolutionary War) (partly Naval) 
1846 – Siege of Los Angeles begins (Mexican-American War) 
1854 – Second Battle of Bomersund begins (Crimean War) (partly Naval)  
1862 – Skirmishing at Grand River ends; Battle of Clarendon (US Civil War) 
1898 – Battle of Manila ends; Puerto Rican Campaign ends (Spanish-American War) 
1915 - Battle of Krithia Vineyard ends (WWI) 
1920 – Battle of Radzymin begins (Polish-Soviet War) 
1937 – Battle of Shanghai begins (Second Sino-Japanese War)
 August 1937 - Japanese Naval Landing Force, awaiting attack orders whilst wearing gas masks in anticipation of a potential poison gas attack by the Chinese Army.  Maintaining the frontlines until the arrival of reinforcements (Chapei, Shanghai).
1942 – U-boat attack on convoy SC-94 ends (WWII) (Naval) 
1943 – Soviets take Bolshaya and Danilovka (WWII)  
1945 – Counteroffensive in Eastern Hubei begins; Southern Jiangsu Campaign begins (Chinese Civil War) 
1947 – Meridian Ridge Campaign begins (Chinese Civil War) 
1950 – Battle of Chinju ends (Korean War) 
2011 – Second Battle of Zawiya begins (Libyan civil war)

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