Sunday, August 10, 2014

Today in military history: August 11, 2014

1332 – Battle of Dupplin Moor ends (Second War of Scottish Independence) 
1480 – Siege of Otranto ends (Ottoman-Hungarian Wars) 
1481 – Siege of Otranto ends (Ottoman-Hungarian Wars)
 Modern view of Otranto castello
This file is licensed under the Creative Commons  
1674 – Battle of Seneffe (Franco-Dutch War) 
1691 – Battle of La Prairie (King William’s War) 
1718 - Battle of Cape Passero (War of the Quadruple Alliance) (Naval) 
1796 – Battle of Neresheim (French Revolutionary Wars) 
1829 – Battle of Praia Bay (Liberal Wars) (partly Naval)
 1833 lithography - Kssssse! Pédro - Ksssse! Ksssse! Miguel!
Peter I versus his brother Miguel I in the Liberal Wars
1862 – First Battle of Independence (US Civil War)
 William Clarke Quantrill

 Reunion of Quantrill's Raiders. The first official reunion occurred in 1898.
1943 – Major German evacuation of Sicily begins (WWII) 
1998 – Battle of Glodjane begins (Kosovo War) 
2006 – Battle of Bint Jbeil ends; Operation Change of Direction begins (2006 Lebanon War) 
2008 – Battle of Tskhinvali ends (Russo-Georgian War) 
2009 – Operation Scorched Earth (Shia Insurgency in Yemen)

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