Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Today in military history: June 25, 2014

524 – Battle of Vezeronce (France) 
841 - Battle of Fontenoy (Carolingian Civil War)
 Battle of Fontenoy - About 1460 by Jean Fouquet

1386 - Battle of Brentelle (Italy) 
1569 - Battle of La Roche l'Abeille (French Wars of Religion) 
1629 – Battle of Trzciana (Polish-Swedish War 1626-1629) 
1813 – Capture of Hampton, Virginia begins (War of 1812) 
1857 – Siege of Cawnpore ends (Indian Rebellion of 1857) 
1862 – Battle of Oak Grove (US Civil War) 
1876 – Battle of the Little Bighorn begins (Great Sioux War of 1876-1877) 
1944 – US takes Piombino, Italy (WWII); Battle of Tali-Ihantala begins (Continuation War) 
1945 – US takes Tuguegarag, Philippines (WWII) 
1947 – Campaign to the North of Baoding begins (Chinese Civil War) 
1948 – Hebei-Rehe-Chahar Campaign ends (Chinese Civil War) 
1950 – North Korea invades South Korea (Korean War)
 Overhead view of the U.S. aircraft carrier USS Valley Forge (CV-45) underway, with various aircraft of Carrier Air Group Five (CVG-5) on deck. Visible are (from stern to bow) Seven Grumman F9F-2 Panther (of fighter squadrons VF-51 and VF-52), plus one forward, 10 Douglas AD-4 Skyraiders (from attack squadron VA-55), and about twelve Vought F4U-4B Corsairs (from VF-53 and VF-54). Valley Forge as on a regular deployment to the Western Pacific beginning on 1 May 1950, and was visiting Hong Kong, when the Korean War broke out on 25 June 1950. Up to December she was then engaged in war operations. 
(From Wikimedia Commons)

A U.S. Air Force Douglas C-54 Skymaster transport burning in South Korea in June 1950. North Korean fighters destroyed a C-54 at Kimpo airfield on 25 June and one at Suwon airfield on 29 June.

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