Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Today in military history: June 11, 2014

1125 – Battle of Azaz (Syria) 
1183 –Aleppo taken (Syria)
12th century mural of Crusaders
1289 - Battle of Campaldino (Conflict between the Guelphs and Ghibellines 
1329 – Battle of Pelekanon ends (Byzantine-Ottoman Wars) 
1429 – Battle of Jargeau begins (Hundred Years’ War) 
1488 - Battle of Sauchieburn (Second Rebellion against James III) 
1775 – Battle of Machias (also Margaretta) begins (American Revolutionary War) (Naval) 
1829 – Battle of Kulevicha (Russo-Turkish War) 
1861 – Skirmish at Romney (US Civil War) 
1862 – Battle at Monterey (US Civil War) 
1864 – Battle of Trevilian Station begins (US Civil War) 
1865 – Battle of Riachuelo (Paraguayan War) (Naval) 
1871 – Battle of Ganghwa ends (Korean Expedition) (partly Naval) 
1900 – Boxer Rebellion begins (China)

 17 June 1900 - A newspaper from "Le Petit Parisien". The Chinese Boxers destroys a railroad during the Boxer Rebellion.

1940 – Germans take Reims (WWII) 
1942 – Battle of Bir Hakeim ends (WWII) 
1943 – Allies take Pantelleria (WWII) 
1944 – US takes Carentan and Lison: French troops take Montefiascone, Italy (WWII) 
1947 – Siping Campaign begins (Chinese Civil War) 
1951 – Chorwon captured (Korean War) 
1953 – Siege of Outpost Harry; Assault at Kumsong begins  (Korean War)

14 June 1953 - A U.S. Navy Grumman F9F-5 Panther jet fighter (BuNo 126204) from Fighter Squadron 111 (VF-111) Sundowners in flight over mountainous Korean terrain. VF-111 was assigned to Air Task Group 1 (ATG-1) aboard the aircraft carrier USS Boxer (CVA-21) for a deployment to Korea from 30 March to 30 June 1953.  The F9F-5 126204 was lost five days after this photograph was taken as it ran out of fuel and ditched at sea on 19 June 1953.
1967 – Six-Day War ends (Arab-Israeli Conflict) 
1982 – Battle of Mount Harriet begins; Battle of Two Sisters begins; Battle of Mount Longdon begins (Falklands War)

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