Sunday, June 22, 2014

Today in military history: June 23, 2014

1258 –Battle of Acre begins (First Venetian-Genoese War) (Naval) 
1287 - Battle of the Counts (War of the Sicilian Vespers) (Naval) 
1525 – Battle of Pfeddersheim begins (German Peasants’ War)  
1558 – Siege of Thionville ends (Italian Wars)
 16th century glaives (from Wikimedia Commons)
1757 – Battle of Plassey (Seven Years’ War) 
1758 – Battle of Krefeld (Seven Years’ War) 
1780 – Battle of Springfield (American Revolutionary War) 
1863 – Tullahoma Tennessee Campaign begins (US Civil War) 
1864 – Battle of Jerusalem Plank Road ends (US Civil War) 
1865 – Federal blockade of Southern States formally ended (US Civil War)
 "Destruction of Whale Ships off Cape Thaddeus Arctic Ocean June 23 1865 
by the Conft Stmr Shenandoah" 
1915 – First Battle of the Isonzo begins (WWI) 
1918 – Battle of Piave River ends (WWI) 
1919 – Battle of Wenden ends (Estonian War of Independence, Latvian War of Independence) 
1941 – Battle of Brody begins (WWII) 
1944 – British take St Honorina (WWII) 
1952 – Raids on Yalu River begin (Korean War) (Air) 
1998 – Battle of Belacevac Mine begins (Kosovo War)
 21 December 2000 - Canadian CF-18 Hornet aircraft depart Aviano Air Base, Italy, after contributing 2,600 combat flying hours in support of NATO Operation ALLIED FORCE, and engaging in reconnaissance and surveillance in support of Operation ECHO. ALLIED FORCE objective was to degrade and damage the military and security structure of President Milosevic. Operation ECHO were patrols over either Bosnia-Herzegovina or Kosovo. The Canadiens arrived at Aviano in June of 1998. (From Wikimedia Commons)

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