Thursday, June 12, 2014

Today in military history: June 13, 2014

1611 – Siege of Smolensk ends (Polish-Muscovite War 1605-1618)
Circa 1605 by Balthasar Gebhardt - Entry of the wedding procession of Sigismund III Vasa into Cracow.  Sigismund was head of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth during the siege.  
The picture is of him and his soldiers.
1653 – Battle of the Gabbard ends (First Anglo-Dutch War) 
1665 - Naval Battle of Lowestoft (Second Anglo-Dutch War) 
1673 – Siege of Maastricht begins (Franco-Dutch War) 
1861 – Battle of Romney (US Civil War)
1863 – Second Battle of Winchester begins (US Civil War) 
1941 – Battle of Sidon begins (WWII)
Australian troops from the 2/14th Battalion during the Syrian campaign, 13 June 1941.

British 25-pdr field gun in action during the advance into Syria, 13 June 1941.

 British crew members relax at the rear of their Matilda tank, 
dug into a hull-down position, 13 June 1941.

1944 – First German V1 Flying Bombs land in England (Air); US takes Pont l’Abbe; Allies take Bagnoregio and Narni, Italy; Battle of Villers-Bocage (WWII) 
1965 – Battle of Dong Xoai ends (Vietnam War) 
1967 – Operation Great Bend begins (Vietnam War)
 26 March 1966 - U.S. Marines, grouped in fours and fives in outboard motor boats, approach the beach in an amphibious assault in the Rung Sat Zone, 35 miles from Saigon. Rung Sat, infested with Viet Cong, is the target of Operation Jackstay, involving 1,200 Marines.  Great Bend was conducted in the Rung Sat Zone too.
1982 – Battle of Wireless Ridge begins; Battle of Mount Tumbledown begins (Falklands War) 
2008 – Djiboutian-Eritrean border conflict ends

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