Monday, June 16, 2014

Today in military history: June 17, 2014

827 – Siege of Sicily begins (Muslim Conquests)
 Example of Byzantine clothing 800-1000, from
Costumes of All Nations (1882) by Albert Kretschmer

1429 – Battle of Beaugency ends (Hundred Years’ War) 
1462 – The Night Attack of Targoviste (Wallachian-Ottoman Wars) 
1775 – Battle of Bunker Hill (American Revolutionary War) 
1799 – Battle of Trebbia begins (French Revolutionary Wars) 
1861 – First Battle of Boonville; Professor Lowe demonstrates hot-air ballon reconnaissance for Lincoln and advisors (US Civil War) 
1862 – Battle of Saint Charles (US Civil War) (partly Naval) 
1863 – Battle of Wassaw Sound (Naval); Battle of Aldie; Battle of Middleburg begins (US Civil War)

Cavalry Soldier with Sword on Horseback - 1863 sketch by Winslow Homer

1864 – Battle of Lynchburg begins (US Civil War) 
1876 – Battle of the Rosebud (Great Sioux War of 1876)

Wood print from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 1876 Oct 14.: 
General Crook's Army crossing the west fork of Goose Creek 
the day before the Battle of the Rosebud, June 18th (sic), 1876
1948 – Battle of Shangcai begins (Chinese Civil War)  
1953 – Uprising in East Germany ends (Cold War)  
1967 – Operation Great Bend ends (Vietnam War)

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