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Today in military history: July 26, 2014

Military history timeline 
657 - Battle of Siffin begins (First Fitna)
811 - Battle of the Pliska (also Varbitsa Pass) (Byzantine-Bulgarian Wars)
1340 – Battle of Saint-Omer (Hundred Years’ War)
1346 – Battle of Caen (Hundred Years’ War)
1469 – Battle of Edgecote Moor (Wars of the Roses)
1476 – Battle of Valea Alba (also Razboieni, Akdere) (Moldavian-Ottoman Wars)
1643 – Storming of Bristol (First English Civil War)
1705 – Battle of Gemauerthof (Great Northern War)
1757 – Battle of Hastenbeck (Seven Years’ War)
1759 – Battle of Fort Niagara ends (French and Indian War)
1814 – Raid up the St. Mary’s River ends; Battle of Mackinac Island begins (War of 1812)
 HMS Phoenix (1832) and HMS Diligence (1814) at anchor, Godhavn - 
photo taken between June 18 and July 5, 1854.  
HMS Diligence is an example of a British naval ship from the War of 1812 period

1861 – Federals surrender Fort Fillmore (US Civil War)
1863 – Battle of Dead Buffalo Lake; Battle of Salineville; Brig Gen Morgan captured (US Civil War)
1865 – Battle of Platte Bridge Station (Sioux Wars/Colorado War)
 Red Cloud and Indians. Standing - Red Bear (Sons Are?), Young Man Afraid of his Horse, Good Voice, Ring Thunder, Iron Crow, White Tail, Young Spotted Tail. Seated - Yellow Bear, Red Cloud, Big Road, Little Wound, Black Crow - photo taken between 1865 and 1880

1898 – Battle of Yauco (Spanish-American War)
1944 – Americans take Marigny and St. Gilles; Soviets take Deblin and Narva (WWII)
1945 – Battle of Mayoyao Bridge begins (WWII)
1953 – Attack on Boulder City ends (Korean War); Battle of Moncada Barracks (Cuban Revolution)
 Fidel Castro on his arrest after the attack on Monacada barracks.

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