Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Today in military history: July 17, 2014

1453 – Battle of Castillon (Hundred Years’ War)
 15th century illumination by Jean Fouquet Musee Conde - 
Showing Charles VII before the holy family in Bethlehem 
with elements possibly alluding to his victory at the Battle of Castillon

1520 – Battle of Otumba (Spanish Conquest of the Aztec Empire) 
1603 – Battle of Brasov (Long War) 
1657 – Fourth Battle of the Dardanelles begins (Cretan War of 1645-1669) (Naval) 
1812 – Action of 17 July 1812 (Naval); Surrender of Fort Mackinac (War of 1812) 
1813 – Skirmish at Ball’s Farm (War of 1812) 
1814 – Siege of Prairie du Chien begins (War of 1812) 
1860 - Battle of Milazzo begins (Expedition of the Thousand)
 1901 picture by Carlo Linzaghi - From the Battle of Milazzo in which Garibaldi is saved by the prompt intervention of Giuseppe Missori who neutralized two Bourbon troopers, firing with modern revolvers donated to the Thousand by Samuel Colt.

Illustration by Antonio Masutti circa 1860 - 
Garibaldi resting in the house of Milazzo after the battle

1862 – Battle of Cynthiania (US Civil War)  
1863 – Battle of Honey Springs (US Civil War) 
1864 – Battle of Cool Spring begins (also Castleman’s ferry, Island Ford, Parker’s Ford, Snicker’s Ferry) (US Civil War) 
1876 – Battle of Warbonnet Creek (Great Sioux War of 1876) 
1877 – First Battle of Shipka Pass begins (Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878) 
1894 – Battle of Kassala (Mahdist War) 
1898 – Cuba surrenders to US; Siege of Santiago ends (Naval) (Spanish American War) 
1916 – Battle of Bazentin Ridge ends (WWI) 
1936 – Spanish Civil War begins 
1942 – Battle of Stalingrad begins (WWII)  
1943 – Americans take Agrigento and Porto Empedocle, Sicily (WWII) 
1944 –Battle of Vuosalmi ends (WWII)
 A Finnish sub-machinegunner in the 
Vuosalmi bridgehead, Karelian Isthmus - July 23 or 24, 1944

1947 – Nanma-Linqu Campaign begins (Chinese Civil War) 
1952 – First Battle for Old Baldy begins (Korean War)

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