Sunday, July 13, 2014

Today in military history: July 14, 2014

982 – Battle of Stilo (also Cape Colonna) (Italy)
 1420 – Battle of Vitkov Hill ends (Hussite Wars)
 Hussite leader Johann Ziska at the Battle of Vitkov Hill - picture from the 19th century

1500 – Battle of the Vedrosha River (Muscovite-Lithuanian Wars) 
1708 – Battle of Holowczyn (Great Northern War) 
1711 – Siege of Braila ends (Great Northern War) 
1747 – Siege of Bergen op Zoom begins (War of the Austrian Succession) 
1779 – Tryon’s raids end (American Revolutionary War) (partly Naval)
 Example of British ships disembarking troops on shore - A view of the Town of Boston in New England and British ships of war landing their troops, 1768 - 1898 picture based on a 1768 engraving
1796 – Battle of Haslach (French Revolutionary Wars) 
1808 – Battle of Medina del Rioseco (Peninsular War); Battle of Lapua (Finnish War) 
1864 – Battle of Tupelo begins (US Civil War)
 Alexander Wilkin Colonel 9th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry. Killed in battle at Tupelo, MS. July 14, 1864. Statue by John K. Daniels, 1910. In the Minnesota State Capital.
1900 – Battle of Tientsin ends (Boxer Rebellion) 
1916 – Battle of Bazentin Ridge begins; Battle of Delville Wood begins (WWI) 
1918 – Battle of Abu Tellul (WWI) 
1943 – Allies take Augusta, Biscani airfield, Niscemi and Vizzini, Sicily (WWII) 
1944 – French take Poggibonsi, Italy; Belorussians take Pinsk (WWII) 
1953 – Battle of the Kumsong River valley begins (Korean War) 
1967 – Operation Buffalo ends (Vietnam War) 
1969 – Football War starts (also Guerra del ’69) 
2011 – Fourth Battle of Brega begins (Libyan civil war)

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