Saturday, May 3, 2014

Today in military history: May 3, 2014

1800 – Battle of Stockach, Battle of Engen (War of the Second Coalition) 
1811 – Battle of Fuentes de Onoro begins (Peninsular War)
 19th century - General Andre Massena

1812 – Raid on Havre de Grace (War of 1812) 
1815 – Battle of Tolentino ends (Neapolitan War) 
1846 – Siege of Fort Texas begins (Mexican-American War) 
1863 – Battle of Salem Church begins; Battle of Second Fredericksburg (US Civil War)
 "Havoc," effects of a 32-pound shell from gun of Second Massachusetts Heavy Artillery. 
Confederate caisson and eight horses destroyed. Fredericksburg, May 3, 1863. 

1941 – Battle at Amba Alagi begins (WWII) 
1943 – Allies take Mateur (WWII) 
1945 – Allies take Hamburg, Innsbruck, Rangoon, Prome and Davao City (WWII)
 5 May 1945 - A Cromwell tank and Challenger tank of 8th Hussars, 7th Armoured Division, 
surrounded by German civilians outside Dammtor railway station in Hamburg

1995 – Operation Flash ends (Croatian War of Independence) 
2002 – Operation Defensive Shield ends (Second Intafada)

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