Saturday, May 17, 2014

Photos of the Peruvian Air Force in WWII

I will start posting military photos from the US National Archives on my webpage.  Notifications will occasionally be made on this blog.  As an example, here's the first one:

1 January 1943 - Members of the Peruvian Air Force soon to graduate from [the] NATC Corpus Christi. Left to right:
Ens. Jesus Gabilonda
Lt. (jg) Teobaldo Gonzalez
Ens. Daniel Pena
Lt. (jg) Hernan Muniz
Lt. (jg) Raul Pinillos
Lt. (jg) Eduardo Montero
Ens. Carlos Soto
Lt. (jg) Enrique Debernardi
Ens. Manuel Guitierrez
(Photo credits lists nine names but ten person are on the wing)

More photos of the Peruvian Air Force in WWII can be found here, with additions made over time:

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