Monday, May 26, 2014

Today in military history: May 27, 2104

1694 – Battle of Torroella (Nine Years’ War) 
 2nd half of 17th century painting attributed to Gerard ter Borch - Officer Writing a Letter
1775 – Battle of Chelsea Creek begins (American Revolutionary War) 
1776 – Battle of the Cedars ends (American Revolutionary War)
 Circa 1773 - Painting depicting a British soldier from a light company and an 
officer from a different company of the same regiment. Given the date when 
the painting was created, as well as the facings, lace and hats, it appears that 
the two men are from the 62nd Regiment of Foot.
1798 – Battle of Oulart Hill (United Irishmen Rebellion) 
1813 – Battle of Fort George ends (War of 1812) 
1847 – Battle of Red River Canyon ends (Mexican-American War) 
1861 – Federals take Newport News, VA (US Civil War) 
1862 – Battle of Hanover Court House, VA (US Civil War) 
1864 – Battle of Pickett’s Mill (US Civil War) 
1905 – Battle of Tsushima Strait begins (Russo-Japanese War) (Naval) 
1918 – Third Battle of the Aisne begins (WWI) 
1940 – Allies take Narvik (WWII) 
1941 – German ship Bismark sunk (Naval); Battle at Habbaniyah ends; Advance on Baghdad begins (WWII); Battle of South Shanxi ends (Second Sino-Japanese War) 
1945 – US forces take Santa Fe, Philippines (WWII)
 3 May 1945 - A captured Japanese Nakajima Type L2D2-3 "Tabby" (s/n 6240) Clark Airfied, Luzon, Philippines, in May 1945. Note Mount Arayat in the background.

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