Thursday, May 15, 2014

New military history research: British archaeology and the military, the Middle Ages and the US Civil War

In the Bulletin of the History of Archaeology, Christopher Evans writes about the influence of the military on the development of British archaeology.  Specifically, Evans focuses on the contributions of Pitt Rivers and his interest in primitive warfare.

In Postmedieval, Daniel Wollenberg writes about the influence of the Middle Ages on modern political thinking.  Specifically, Wollenberg examines the claims of a Norwegian terrorist to be part of a modern day Knights Templar.
 1873 - Old and New London, Illustrated, illustrated by Walter Thornbury

The Journal of the Civil War Era has an article by Nicholas Marshall where he examines the application of historical thinking to the number of dead in the US Civil War.  Marshall postulates that historians have not properly examined the impact of the number of dead during the war and suggests that the impact may be to some extent overstated.  While he accepts the sacrifices during this time were great, he hopes to examine the affects by avoiding the historical mistake of applying “presentism” to the events.

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