Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Today in military history: September 3, 2014

36 BC – Battle of Naulochus (Sicilian Revolt) (Naval) 
1260 – Battle of Ain Jalut (Mongol raids into Palestine) 
1529 – Suleiman takes Buda (Ottoman-Hapsburg Wars) 
1650 - Battle of Dunbar (Wars of the Three Kingdoms) 
1651 – Battle of Worcester (Scottish Civil War/Third English Civil War)
 Boscobel House. This was the hiding place of Charles II when he was fleeing his Cromwellian pursuers in 1651 having lost at the final battle of the Civil War, at Worcester (September 3rd 1651). The lefthand range of the building seen here dates from that time, having been built around 1632, but the righthand side is considerably more recent.
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1777 – Battle of Cooch’s Bridge (American Revolutionary War) 
1779 – Armada of 1779 ends campaigning (American Revolutionary War) (Naval) 
1782 – Battle of Trincomalee ends (American Revolutionary War) (Naval) 
1783 – Treay of Paris ends the American Revolutionary War 
1796 – Battle of Wurzberg (French Revolutionary Wars) 
1812 – Battle of Pigeon Roost (War of 1812) 
1814 – Battle of Hampden (War of 1812) (Naval) 
1855 – Battle of Ash Hollow (also Blue Water Creek) (First Sioux War) 
1861 – Confederate General Polk enters Kentucky (US Civil War) 
1863 – Battle of White Stone Hill begins (US Civil War) 
1877 – Battle of Lovcha ends (Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878) 
1916 – Battle of Guillemont begins (WWI) 
1918 – Battle of Mont Saint-Quentin ends (WWI) 
1920 – Vlora War ends (Albania) 
1939 - Battle of the Atlantic begins (Naval) 
1943 – British take Reggio, Catona, San Giovanni, Melito and Bagnara, Italy; Soviets take Putivl and Ilovask (WWII) 
1944 – British take Brussels; Allies take Tournai and Abbeville; Americans take Mons; French take Lyons (WWII) 
1954 – First Taiwan Strait Crisis begins (Taiwan) 
1968 – Operation CAMPAIGN GROVE begins (Vietnam War)

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