Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Today in military history: September 11, 2014

1021 – Battle of Shirimni (also Palakazio) (Byzantine-Georgian Wars) 
1297 – Battle of Stirling Bridge (First War of Scottish Independence) 
1565 – Great Siege of Malta ends (Ottoman-Hapsburg wars) 
1649 – Siege of Drogheda ends (Eleven Years’ War) 
1697 – Battle of Zenta (Great Turkish War) 
1709 – Battle of Malplaquet (War of the Spanish Succession) 
1777 – Battle of Brandywine (American Revolutionary War) 
1782 – Siege of Fort Henry begins (American Revolutionary War) 
1803 – Battle of Delhi (Second Anglo-Maratha War) 
1814 – Battle of Plattsburgh ends (War of 1812) 
1861 – Cheat Mountain Campaign begins (US Civil War) 
1863 – Battle of Davis’s Cross Roads ends (US Civil War) 
1864 – Clashes in Cherokee Nation between Native Americans allied with both Union and Confederacy (US Civil War) 
1914 – Battle of Galicia ends (WWI) 
1940 – Buckingham Palace bombed during Battle of Britain (Air) (WWII)
This picture, taken during the first mass air raid on London, 7th September 1940, describes more than words ever could, the scene in London's dock area. Tower Bridge stands out against a background of smoke and fires. New York Times Paris Bureau Collection.

Home Guards receiving Vickers gun instruction at the Altcar training camp in Western Command, 11 September 1940.

 Home Guards armed with rifles and a Vickers gun during weaponry training at the Altcar training camp in Western Command, 11 September 1940.

1944 – Allies take Malmedy; South Africans take Pistoia. Italy (WWII) 
1945 – Linyi Campaign ends (Chinese Civil War) 
2001 – September 11 attacks (pre-War in Iraq, pre-War in Afghanistan)

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