Friday, September 12, 2014

Today in military history: September 13, 2014

533 – Battle of Ad Decimum (Vandalic War) 
1515 – Battle of Marignano begins (War of the League of Cambrai) 
1644 – Battle of Aberdeen (Wars of the Three Kingdoms) 
1645 – Battle of Philiphaugh (Wars of the Three Kingdoms) 
1759 – Battle of the Plains of Abraham (Seven Years’ War) 
1779 – Boyd and Parker ambush (American Revolutionary War) 
1781 – Battle of Lindley’s Mill; Long Run Massacre (American Revolutionary War) 
1782 – Siege of Fort Henry ends (American Revolutionary War) 
1808 – Battle of Jutas (Finnish War) 
1814 – Siege of Fort McHenry begins (War of 1812) (partly Naval) 
1847 – Battle of Chapultepec ends; Siege of Puebla begins (Mexican-American War) 
1861 – Battle of Booneville (US Civil War) 
1877 – Third Battle of Shipka Pass begins (Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878) 
1882 – Battle of Tel el-Kebir (Anglo-Egyptian War) 
1900 – Battle of Pulang Lupa (Philippine-American War) 
1914 – First Battle of the Aisne begins; Battle of the Frontiers ends (WWI)  
1921 – Battle of Sakarya ends (Greco-Turkish War)
 Greek lithograph depicting the Battle of Sangarios River (Sakarya) during the Greco-Turkish War of 1919-1920
1922 – Great Fire of Smyrna begins (Greco-Turkish War) 
1937 – Battle of Xinkou begins (Second Sino-Japanese War) 
1939 – Battle of Changsha begins (Second Sino-Japanese War) 
1944 – Americans take Neufchateau; Belorussians take Lomza (WWII)
A Sherman tank passes an abandoned German 88mm anti-tank gun during the advance in Belgium, 13 September 1944

 SC 194 203-S Tanks, a few miles fro the German border demonstrate a flame thrower mounted in a tank, which can be used against German fortifications 9/13/44
1945 - Battle of Dazhongji ends; Wuli Campaign begins (Chinese Civil War)
 Japanese officers hand their swords to an Australian Army officer following the surrender of the Japanese 18th Army on 13 September 1945. 
1950 – Pre-invasion Bombardment of Inchon begins (Korean War) (Naval) 
1951 – Battle of Heartbreak Ridge begins (Korean War) 
1961 – Siege of Jadotville begins (Congo Crisis) 
1968 – Operation in the DMZ begins (Vietnam War) 
1973 – Israel-Syria air battle (Pre-Yom Kippur War) (Air) 
1993 – Action of 13 September 1993 (Somalia) 
2010 – Battle of the Palm Grove ends (Iraq War)

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