Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New military history research: The Portuguese conquest of Azammur, Morocco

The Journal of North African Studies presents a study of a Portuguese conquest by Jorge Correia, Andre Teixeira, and Maria Augusta Lima Cruz.  The study focuses on the military, political and social development of Azammur in Morocco from its Portuguese conquest to Portuguese abandonment.  The conquest came about through crusader zeal but Portugal was unable to make the city a financially prosperous and stable one.  The Muslim, Christian and Jewish populations fought and allied with each other over the period of occupation and the archaeology, architecture and history of the city in this time provide information on Portuguese and European evolution from a late-medieval condition to an early modern condition. 
1886 - Famed Portuguese explorer, Ferdinand Magellan 
who was present at the 1513 Portuguese attack on Azammur

Further reading on the subject of the Portuguese in West Africa during the medieval period:


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