Monday, February 3, 2014

New military history research: French Revolution and the 1683 Ottoman siege of Vienna

The Historical Journal provides two interesting articles.

One study by Anna Plassart discusses Scottish attitudes towards the French Revolution in the 1790s.  She finds that Scottish writers were worried about the new Revolutionary France.  While the nobles had been overthrown, France’s traditional national pride was replaced by a more enthusiastic national sentiment between individuals and state which could be dangerous in the future.
 1848 - The Duke of Chartres at Valmy (1792) by Eloi Firmin Feron

A study by Anders Ingram focuses on English writing in response to the Ottoman siege of Vienna in 1683.  Apparently this military event generated more seventeenth century English writing on the Ottoman’s than any other event involving that empire.  The author focused on ballads written immediately after the event and finds that the image of the Turk was used often by ballad writers to connect the siege to political events of England at the time. 
 1871 - King John III Sobieski blessing the Polish attack on Turks in Vienna 1683 by Juliusz Kossak

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