Sunday, February 16, 2014

New military history research: WWII US propaganda in Spain and post WWII German technology transfer

The International History review has two articles on military history.

Pablo Leon-Aguinaga writes about US propaganda aimed at Spain during WWII.  Leon-Aguinaga argues that during WWII, the Spanish were opposed in views on US efforts.  One group saw US propaganda as a mass persuasion tool aimed at combating fascism whereas other believed US efforts should only be aimed at explaining US political positions and developing national friendship.  Leon-Aguinaga argues that the lessons learned in Spain influenced US propaganda efforts during the Cold War.

Douglas Michael O’Reagan discusses Allied exploitation of German technology during the post-WWII occupation of Germany.  O’Reagan examines the American, British and French approaches to technology transfer with Germany and argues that the French process was most amenable to Germany and helped develop strong ties between the two nations despite wartime antagonisms.     

 Hermes A-1 missile - American version of the German Wasserfall missile of World War II. Developed by the General Electric Company beginning in 1946 and was part of the larger Hermes program that took advantage of German wartime technology.

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