Sunday, February 23, 2014

New military history research: 1814 Army of the Andes, British diplomacy during the American Revolution, and US strategic control of Cold War era raw materials

The Journal of Latin American Studies has an article by Juan Luis Ossa Santa Cruz discussing the revolutionary Army of the Andes that was formed in Chile in 1814.  The study then discusses the personal politics involved in the revolution of this period against the Royalists.  Santa Cruz then considers the use of the populace to support the insurgency, spies and guerrilla warfare through to final victory in 1817.    

 1817- Soldier of the Army of the Andes

The International History review has two new articles of interest. 

 Stephen Conway writes on the alliances Britain pursued during the American Revolution.  Conway explains that though the pursuit of imperial alliances failed, the attempts reveal something of British attitudes at the time towards the Revolution.  

Mats Ingulstad considers US attempts to control its raw material needs at the beginning of the Cold War.  He focuses on three mechanisms used.  Building a strong trade regime to ensure continued access, providing foreign aid to producer nations to tighten relations and increase output, and third by using intergovernmental organizations to regulate the flow of raw materials in the world economy.

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