Friday, March 21, 2014

New military history research: The Turkish civil war of the 1970s and Turkey in the Iraq War

Turkish Studies has two articles of interest.

Meral Ugur Cinar discusses the Turkish civil war of the 1970s.  Cinar focuses on the threat narratives used by groups to mobilize their group against the enemy.  The narratives were expanded in such a way as to make the enemy a greater danger than it was and to leave no room for moderation.

Kevin Smets focuses on media portrayals of the Iraq war.  Smets studied the Turkish diaspora in Belgium and reactions to the movie Valley of the Wolves.  The movie is about an incident during the Iraq War where Turkish soldiers were briefly detained and interrogated in a seemingly demeaning manner by US troops.  Smets finds that reactions to this Turkish movie are very polarized among Turks living in Belgium.
 2008 - Parade of Turkish soldiers wearing uniforms of the Turkish Brigade, 
at the ceremony of the October 29 Republic Day

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