Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New military history research: 17th century Scandinavia and modern memory of the Battle of Waterloo

The Scandinavian Journal of History presents an article by Christopher Collstedt.  Collstedt writes on how the knowledge, thoughts, politics and ethics of military violence against civilians is written about, studied and explained in various contexts.  For his analysis, he focuses on contemporary Swedish discourse and traces it back to intellectual and political conflicts of the 17th century.
History & Memory presents an essay by Jasper Heinzen on how the Battle of Waterloo has been remembered by European nations since World War Two.

1815 by George Jones - A Highlander, Black Watch attending a General of Hussars, possibly Lord Uxbridge: a study for 'The Battle of Waterloo'

 Charge of the Royal Scots Greys at battle of Waterloo

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