Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New military history research: Sudan 1924 rebellion and the 2nd civil war, The Irish Civil War

Northeast African Studies presents two studies related to military history.

Elena Vezzadini explores the 1924 revolution in colonial Sudan.  Vezzadini focuses on the oral histories of the revolution and says that despite this being a very well-documented colonial revolution with a multitude of oral histories recorded about it, the histories may have left much of the event unrecorded. In addition, many of the people who spoke about the event were called spies and may have contributed to the ultimate failure of the revolution.

Clemence Pinaud writes about the second civil war of South Sudan (1983-2005).  Pinaud examines how the South Sudan is celebrating the women’s battalion of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army while at the same time disregarding the history of the camp followers.  Pinaud writes that by censoring a large segment of the participants of the war, the history of the civil war and South Sudan is incomplete.
 2001 Sudan - Congolese soldier adjusting automatic weapon. (PK machine gun)

New Hibernia Review presents an article by Gavin Wilk about the Irish Civil War.  Wilk examines the difficult conditions endured by Irish Republican Army member’s during the civil war and the health care they received while in custody or when they left for the United States.     
 July 22, 1922 - A prisoner under escort at the South Western Front during the Irish Civil War

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