Wednesday, January 8, 2014

This day in military history: January 9

1996, First Chechen War: 200 Chechen fighters assault a Russian federal airbase in Dagestan, Russia and then take thousands of civilians hostage

1945, WWII: US Landings on Luzon at Lingayen Gulf begin with the Japanese not contesting the initial landings

1917, WWI: The Battle of Rafa where British forces defeated Ottoman forces to take the Sinai Peninsula

1864, ACW: A skirmish at Ripley, Tennessee results in 46 Confederates captured

1847, Mexican-American War: US forces defeat Mexican forces at the Battle of La Mesa in present day California

1812, Napoleonic Wars: The Siege of Valencia Spain ends after 67 days with 16,000 some Spanish troops surrendering to 20-30 thousand French troops 

 Spanish guerrilla fighter - Francisco Chaleco, 1814

1127, Jin-Song Wars: Jin Dynasty soldiers in China besiege and sack Bianjing , capital of the Chinese Song Dynasty

475, Domestic revolt: Byzantine Emperor Zeno fled the capital Constantinople under threat of plotters including an Ostrogothic general

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