Thursday, January 9, 2014

This day in military history: January 10

1981, Salvadoran Civil War – The revolutionary FMLN begins its insurrection with major attacks against the El Salvador government

1941, WWII – Greek forces take Klisura, Albania after Italian forces withdraw from the sector

1916, WWI – Austro-Hungarian army captures Lovcen Pass in Montenegro forcing armistice talks two days later

 October 4, 1914 - Montenegrins in Lovcen

1864, US Civil War – Blockader USS Iron Age runs aground off Folly Inlet, South Carolina and is bombarded to destruction by Confederate fire

1806, Napoleonic Wars – Dutch Settlers of the Batavian Republic surrender Cape Town to the British, establishing British rule in South Africa

1791, Northwest Indian War – Native Americans begin a siege of American settlement Dunlap’s Station on the Great Miami River

1072, Norman Conquest of Southern italy - Norman warrior Robert Guiscard takes Palermo, Sicily from its Arab rulers

 early 19th century - Robert Guiscard and Count Roger

49 BC – Caesar crosses the Rubicon River with his army, crossing from Gaul into Italy and initiating a Roman civil war 

second half of the 15th century - Jean Fouquet - Caesar crossing the Rubicon

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