Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Victoria Cross and Marcus Aurelius

Top stories in the last few days:

Researchers have discovered the grave of Victoria Cross recipient Major John Buckley.  He earned the award for protecting an ammunition magazine during the 19th C Indian Mutiny.  He was an active military man but suffered many personal misfortunes, finally dying a poor man and buried in a quiet corner of the UK.  More here.

 Illustration of Indian Mutiny of 1857-1859

Lt Kerr, 24th Bombay Native Infantry earning his Victoria Cross near Kolapore, July 1857

 Dighton MacNaghten Probyn, 2nd Punjab Cavalry uniform, earned a Victoria Cross during the Indian Mutiny

The Royal Air Force Museum of the UK will digitize about 300,000 First World War personnel records as part of a permanent exhibit commemorating World War One.  The work is being funded partly through a grant given by the Esmee Fairbairn Collections Fund.

Researchers have recently located the previously undiscovered Ostia harbor of Rome.   The harbor had a fortified gate to help protect grain shipments into Rome and to protect Rome from enemy fleets sailing into the Tiber River.  The river around the harbor silted up over time and a new harbor named Portus was built 3km north.   The discovery will allow for a greater understanding of how Rome developed and protected itself during its age of empire.  More here.

Finally, the Italian government lacks the funds to maintain the tomb of Marcus Nonius Macrinus, an active 2nd century AD Roman general.  The elaborate tomb was discovered in 2008 but due to lack of funds it may be reburied to protect it from exposure and other damage.  More here.

Sculpture of Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor from 161-180 and engaged in many wars with Germanic tribes; Macrinus served as an adviser to Aurelius

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