Sunday, December 2, 2012

Kimbell Art Museum

Today’s Military and War Art gallery is from the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas and can be found here.  Listed below are the pieces that can be found in this online gallery.  I have added additional graphics for your enjoyment and education.

Sculpture – Chibinda Ilunga, A Central African mythical hero figure perhaps with weapons

Late 15thC painting Portia and Brutus -  Brutus is the most famous of Roman general and statesman Julius Caesar’s assassins and served as Caesar’s Governor for Gaul before participating in Caesar’s assassination.

Julius Caesar receiving Vercingetorix

13th C sculpture of Vedic god Vishnu holding four objects including a mace

1625 Equestrian Portrait of the Duke of Buckingham – George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham was an English courtier who involved himself in some of England’s wars.

c. 1516-1517 Portrait of Hendrik III, Count of Nassau-Breda – Hendrik was a count and successful military commander who had been involved in the War of the League of Cambrai and the Italian War of 1521.

February 24, 1525 Battle of Pavia, the decisive battle of the Italian War of 1521-152

c. 1650 Painting of Mucius Scaevola Confronting King Porsenna - Lars Porsena was an Etruscan king known for his wars against Rome about the 6th C BC.  Mucius Scaevola was a Roman youth who was reputed to have been captured by Porsena in 508BC after having tried to assassinate him in his camp.  Scaevola showed such courage after capture, Porsena was said to have freed him and sued Rome for peace. 

Sculpture of Etruscan warrior c. 500 BC
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c. 1631-1633 Portrait of Don Pedro de Barberana – I don’t know what importance the man has but he has a sheathed sword which is enough for me.

1819 – Painting “The Anger of Achilles” – Achilles is a Greek hero of the Trojan War.

Achilles keeping Hector’s Body, from an Attic red-figured cup c. 490-480BC

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