Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Port Jackson and Korean turtle ship

Top military history research stories in the last couple days:

The 1800-1804 Nicolas Baudin expedition resulted in at least one report to Napoleon that Port Jackson in New South Wales, Australia should be invaded and Irish convicts possibly used as allies in the attempt.  Corrected translations of the expedition’s papers resulted in the recent findings.  More here.

View of the Heads, Port Jackson

Japanese researchers announced they had found an adult male wearing some pieces of a 6th C lamellar suit of Japanese armor.  The man was found on the Kanai Higashiura site that had been buried under volcanic ash in the 6th C.  Numerous arrowheads were found near the man.  While over 600 suits of this Kofun Period type of armor have been found in tombs next to the owner, this is the first time a body had been found with any of the armor on.  More here.

The Imjin War of 1592-1598 nearly resulted in Japan successfully invading Korea.  However, at the September 16, 1597 Battle of Myeongnyang Strait, Admiral Yi Sun-shin used a fleet of 13 ships to defeat a force of 133 Japanese ships.  Researchers recently discovered three guns near the site along with stone bullets.  Evidence strongly suggests the bullets and guns were used during the battle.  More here.

1795 illustration of early 15th C Korean turtle ship
{{PD-1923}} – published before 1923 and public domain in the US.

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