Thursday, November 15, 2012

Today I discovered Google Art Project and I think I’m hooked.  Forgive me if the blog veers in that direction from now on, BUT, never fear for my focus will be on military and war art and artifacts.  Today’s selection of items in my Google art gallery found here is as follows (pictures shown are not the items at the museum, they are inserted for curiosity's sake):
From the Museo Arqueologico de Alicante MARQ located in Alicante, Spain:

A Bronze Age halberd head
A 4th century BC pre-Roman Iberian sword known as a falcata
Late Bronze Age axe mould
3rd century BC Iberian jug with scene of two horsemen facing off
3-2 century BC ex-voto man with spear

And from the Art Gallery of South Australia located in Adelaide, Australia:

Black and white sketch of the Chinese 1828 Battle of the River Honbasi though a color sketch is also out there 

{{PD-US}} – published in the US before 1923 and public domain in the US.

The Landing of the Sailor Prince at Spithead
Scene from Greek history with soldiers
Temple Guardian statue with weapons
Captain Cook portrait
Famed Australian entertainer Bungaree with military uniform
1509 sketch of a medieval tournament

Scene of a medieval tournament

Temple guardian statues in fighting poses
Portrait of Captain Matthew Flinders, first to circumnavigate Australia
Painting of Tasmanian aboriginal with spear
Portrait of George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham, an unsuccessful military commander
Army sketch of hospital scene 1941
Portrait of Japanese hero from the Sengoku period, Age of the Country at War, from 15th to 17th C
1605 battle scene sketch
Painting of East Java tale of Panji with soldiers shown
Painting of Tasmanian Aboriginal with club
Painting of Kenilworth Castle, founded in the 1120s as a Norman Great Tower

Photo of Kenilworth Castle

Castle sketch
Painting of HMS Foudroyant, 80 gun third rate of the Royal Navy, and Pegase entering Portsmouth
1587 sketch of a military standard bearer
Japanese 1861 sketch of European sailor and Naval officer
Portrait of Dara Shikoh, a 17th C Persian leader and military commander
Painting of the WW I battle of Villers-Bretonneux
Sculpture of Hindu god with weapon
Portrait of Major O’Shea of the Loyal Cork Legion
Painting of kabuki actors playing samurai
Painting of the 1894 Battle of Lushunkou of the First Sino-Japanese War
16th C plate depicting a naval battle
c1475 painting of St Martin of Tours, an ex Roman soldier
Picture of St Martin from old Swiss currency

Portrait of Aboriginal man with boomerang
c1829 painting of Alnwick Castle, built in 1096 and involved in some warfare
c1646 painting of a cavalry battle
1848 painting of salving of a wreck, appears to be a naval ship
c1930s transitional shield
17thc Royal keris blade and sheath

Sumatra Keris

c1540s portrait of King Henry VIII
c1853 portrait of Captain Charles Napier Sturt, army officer and explorer
Painting of a group of Tasmanian natives
Painting of an aboriginal encampment
C1798 painting of castle ruins
18th-19thC knives with scabbards
1815 painting of Chepstow Castle, the oldest post-Roman stone fortification in Britain begun in 1067 

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