Sunday, November 11, 2012

My planned schedule for the blog is one post each day Monday through Friday. I'll cover a current research topic, new military history exhibits or research of note with each post. Currently I'm researching the Rogue River War in Oregon, World War 1 and the War of 1812. I've requested the use of archaeology related photos for some posts. A sort of highlight of interesting discoveries but I have been denied the right to do so. Photographers want money for their photos, museums want money for the use of images they've taken of archaeological objects, and in the end, the public is less likely to see or hear about important archaeological artifacts, history and research. I guess research institutions like it that way right? Keep it all in the family and keep the masses out. If anyone wants to lecture me on the importance of copyright law, spare me. I have a legal education and I understand the arguments for and against. What it comes down to for me is this. A lack of intellectual property protection or the inability to enforce such rules forces the unprotected industry to innovate faster to keep ahead of the copycats. Intellectual property protection keeps those protected fat and lazy. I guess that's a different issue but that's my current gut reaction to having to deal with protections for a simple picture, an unadorned functional rendering of a historic piece, that I simply want to share with the public so that they might be inspired to delve further into a topic, thereby promoting the interests of researchers, etc. who instead are covering up their finds and derivative work for the petty need of a toll to view such work. Bah...

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