Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cincinnati Museum Center

Today’s museum showcase is the Cincinnati Museum Center.  They present eight paintings of military history interest found at my art gallery here.  The pictures I have posted are not those in the museum.  You'll have to go to the gallery to see those described below.

Ca. 1832 Capture of the Calloway Girls and Jemima Boone – Jemima was daughter of the famed Daniel Boone.  Cherokee-Shawnee raiding parties were trying to drive immigrants out of their lands who ignored treaties to stay out of their land.  Daniel and a rescue party found the girls and killed some of their captors.  Sadly, Daniel Boone had many friendly relations among the Cherokee and had promised them their sanctity which makes this event more meaningful in a wider historical sense of white and Native American relations.
A portrait of General Benjamin Logan – Served in the Virginia militia against the Shawnee.  Later served in the same militia during the American revolution fighting British led Natives and later still served as a US Army regular against the Shawnee again.

William Penn and the Treaty with the Shawnee

An 1835 painting of Cincinnati from Behind Newport Barracks – The barracks were built around 1803 in Newport Kentucky on the Ohio River across from Cincinnati.  During the Civil War it remained in Union hands though Kentucky was a Confederate state.  It served as a hospital for soldiers on both sides and was given to the city in 1895.  it is now the General James Taylor Park.

 Newport Barracks

A portrait of Peter Force – Served as a US Army officer in the War of 1812 and collected numerous documents related to the American Revolution.  These documents were purchased by the Library of Congress to expand its collections.

An 1890 portrait of Major General Manning Ferguson Force – Commander of the 20th Ohio Volunteer Infantry during the US Civil War.  Badly disfigured in the face during the war and awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions.

1899 The Hornet’s Nest – Scene of Captain Hickenlopper’s battery at the Battle of Shiloh, April 1862.  An event where Hickenlooper’s 5th Ohio Independent Battery took a major role in the battle.  He was made an engineer later to allow him to advance eventually to rank of brevet brigadier general. 

US Civil War Battle of Shiloh
{{PD-US}} – published in the US before 1923 and public domain in the US.

A portrait of Governor John Brough – Strong willed pro-Union Ohio governor during the Civil War.  He helped convince other governors to support 100-day regiments for the war helping to ease Union manpower issues.

A portrait of Miles Greenwood – Established the Eagle Ironworks in Cincinnati which ably served the Union Army.  During the Civil War, the ironworks manufactured 12 iron anchors for pontoon bridges, machinery for the mass production of muskets and rifles, three turrets for ironclad gunboats and hundreds of cannons and other munitions.  His factories were burned three times by Southern sympathizers.

 First US ironclad gunboat

USS Carondelet in the Civil War

Ironclad gunboats at Fort Donelson

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