Thursday, December 12, 2013

New military history research: Ancient Tibetan microblades, Vietnam resistance to France and two person zero sum games

Geoarchaeology provides an abstract of current research into microblades found in the Zhongba archaeological site in southwestern Tibet

1938 - Tibet expedition, Ruine Jalung Podrang
Attribution: Bundesarchiv, Bild 135-BB-160-12 / Beger, Bruno / CC-BY-SA


The Journal of Vietnamese Studies tells us about the life of a Vietnamese WWII era glamorous film star who had an extensive dossier kept on her by the French because of her resistance activities 

"The Allied Reoccupation of French Indo-china, 1945"
Japanese soldiers form a guard of honour at the quayside in Saigon as British warships come alongside to land troops of the occupation force.

 "A French Foreign Legionnaire in Indochina. In the background is a M24 Chaffee light tank."
Original description: A French Foreign Legionnaire goes to war along the dry rib of a rice paddy, during a recent sweep through communist-held areas in the Red River Delta, between Haiphong and Hanoi. Behind the Legionnaire is a U.S. gifted tank. Pix., ca. 1954.


And finally (less of history and more of operations) Naval Research Logistics discusses two-person zero-sum games and fire allocation in such a situation.

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