Saturday, May 31, 2014

Today in military history: June 1, 2014

1432 – Battle of San Romano (Wars in Lombardy)
Fresco Niccolò da Tolentino Duomo Florence -  Andrea del Castagno (Italian, 1423–1457)
1648 – Battle of Maidstone (Second English Civil War) 
1676 – Battle of Oland (Scanian War) (Naval) 
1679 – Battle of Drumclog (Scottish Covenanter Wars) 
1794 – Glorious First of June (French Revolutionary Wars) (Naval)   
1798 – Battle of Bunclody (United Irishmen Rebellion) 
1813 – HMS Shannon versus USS Chesapeake (War of 1812) (Naval) 
1814 – Battle of St Jerome Creek begins; Naval skirmish off Cedar Point (War of 1812) (Naval) 
1861 – Battle of Aquia Creek ends (Naval); Skirmish at Fairfax Court House (US Civil War)
 7 July 1861 -
Infernal machines discovered in the Potomac (near Aquia) Creek by the flotilla for whose destruction they were intended. Sketched by A. Waud from a photograph by James F. Gibson.
1862 – Battle of Seven Pines, VA ends (also Fair Oaks) (US Civil War) 
1864 - Battle of Dallas ends; Battle of Cold Harbor begins (US Civil War) 
1871 – Korean Expedition begins (partly Naval) 
1916 – Battle of Jutland ends (WWI) (Naval) 
1918 – Battle of Belleau Wood begins (WWI) 
1941 – Germans take Sfakia, Crete (Battle of Crete ends); Britain occupies Baghdad, Iraq (WWII) 
1951 – Battle of the Punchbowl begins (Korean War)
 A U.S. Air Force Lockheed F-80C Shooting Star banks left after 
attacking a target in Korea in June 1951

Today in military history: Unknown day in June

58 BC – Battle of the Arar (Gallic Wars)
 A Gaul and His Daughter Imprisoned in Rome -1898 painting by Felix-Joseph Barrias
402 – Battle of Verona (Gothic War 401-403) 
634 – Battle of Bosra begins (Arab-Byzantine Wars) 
1070 – Sack of Peterborough Abbey (England)          
1255 – Battle of Bryn Derwin (Wales/UK) 
1258 – Battle of Karydi (War of the Euboeote Succession) 
1401 – Battle of Mynydd Hyddgen (The Welsh Revolt, 1400-1415) 
1553 – First Battle of Kawanakajima (Japan)
 1843-1844 - Uesugi Kenshin seated

1847 – Second Battle of Tuxpan (Mexican-American War) 
1916 – Battle of Khanaqin begins and ends (WWI) 
1948 - Jingshan – Zhongxiang Campaign ends (Chinese Civil War) 
1950 - Campaign to Suppress Bandits in Northern China ends (Chinese Civil War) 
1953 - Campaign to Suppress Bandits in Central and Southern China ends (Chinese Civil War) 
1955 - Campaign to Suppress Bandits in Wuping ends (Chinese Civil War)
Chinese Regular 50Fen Stamp in 1955 depicting a sailor

Friday, May 30, 2014

Today in military history: May 31, 2014

1213 – Battle of Damme ends (Anglo-French War of 1202-1214) (Naval) 
1648 – Surrender of Tenby Castle; Siege of Pembroke begins (Second English Civil War) 
1862 – Battle of Seven Pines, VA begins (also Fair Oaks) (US Civil War)
 2LT George Custer (on right) & Lt. James B. Washington at Fair Oaks, June 1862
1864 – Battle of Cold Harbor begins (US Civil War) 
1915 – Amara taken (WWI) 
1916 – Battle of Jutland begins (WWI) (Naval) 
1920 – Battle of Wolodarka ends; Battle of Bystryk (Polish-Soviet War)
1920 - Squadron of US Volunteers in Polish Air Force.

1933 – Defense of the Great Wall ends (Second Sino-Japanese War) 
1942 – Attack on Sydney Harbor begins (WWII) 
1944 – Allies take Frosinone, Sora, Velletri, and Monte Artemiso (WWII)

1944 - The British Army on Leave in Italy, June 1944 -  
Gunner Smith has a drink with a friend on one of the main streets of Rome.
1947 – Heshui Campaign ends (Chinese Civil War)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Today in military history: May 30, 2014

1213 – Battle of Damme begins (Anglo-French War of 1202-1214) (somewhat Naval)
Example of 13th century English ship - 
13th century illustration of Henry III traveling to Brittany in 1230.

1434 – Battle of Lipany (Hussite Wars) 
1574 – Battle of Lillo (Eighty Year’s War) (Naval) 
1778 – Second raid on Mount Hope Bay: Battle of Cobleskill (American Revolutionary War) 
1781 – Action of 30 May 1781 (Fourth Anglo-Dutch War) (Naval) 
1798 – Battle of Three Rocks (United Irishmen Rebellion) 
1814 – Battle of Big Sandy Creek ends; Skirmish at Pungoteague (War of 1812) 
1841 – Second Battle of Canton begins (First Opium War) 
1859 – Battle of Palestro (Second Italian War of Independence)
 The Taking of Palestro, May 30, 1859 by Gerolamo Induno
This file is licensed under the Creative Commons 
Attribution: Fondazione Cariplo
1862 – First Battle of Corinth ends (US Civil War) 
1864 - Battle of Totopotomoy Creek ends; Battle of Old Church (US Civil War) 
1941 – Germans bomb Dublin in error; Iraq surrenders to British (WWII) 
1942 – British air raid on Cologne (WWII) (Air) 
1943 – Battle of Attu ends (WWII) 
1944 – Allies take Acre (WWII) 
1967 – Battle of Vinh Huy begins (Vietnam War) 
1971 – Battle of Snoul ends (Vietnam War)
 1970 - The 2d Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry enters Snuol, Cambodia
2007 - Operation Achilles ends (War in Afghanistan)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Today in military history: May 29, 2014

1108 – Battle of Ucles (Reconquista)
Alfonso VI de Leon by artist Jose Maria Rodriguez de Losada about 1892-1894
1167 – Battle of Monte Porzio (also Tusculum) (Italy) 
1176 – Battle of Legnano (Wars of the Guelphs and Ghibellines) 
1427 – Battle at Gottolengo (Second War in Lombardy) 
1652 – Battle of Goodwin Sands (First Anglo-Dutch War) (Naval) 
1692 – Battle of Barfleur-La Hougue (Nine Years’ War) (Naval) 
1780 – Battle of Waxhams (American Revolutionary War) 
1782 – Naval Battle off Halifax ends (American Revolutionary War) (Naval) 
1798 – Gibbet Rath massacre (United Irishmen Rebellion) 
1813 – Second Battle of Sacket’s Harbor ends (War of 1812) 
1814 – Battle of Big Sandy Creek begins (War of 1812)  
1861 – Battle of Aquia Creek begins (US Civil War) (Naval) 
1865 – General amnesty given to most Confederates (US Civil War)  
1920 – Battle of Wolodarka begins (Polish-Soviet War) 
1944 – Allies take Campoleone and Carroceto (WWII) 
1948 – Yanzhou Campaign begins (Chinese Civil War) 
1953 – Battle of Dalushan Islands (Chinese Civil War); Battle of the Hook ends (Korean War)
 June 9, 1953 -
Men of C Company, 2nd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment (2RAR), at Majon'ni in the trenches of left forward Company position on The Hook after relieving 1st Battalion King's Regiment. The soldier at the back of the group has been identified as Sergeant David Candow, platoon sergeant.
Korean War - Wreckage of a jeep (foreground) and 15 cwt lorry on the rear slope of "The Hook". Centurion tanks were rushed to aid the hard presssed 1st Battalion, The Black Watch, and these vehicles were in the way. They could not be moved quickly enough and one Centurion ran straight over them.
1982 – Battle of Goose Green begins (Falklands War)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Today in military history: May 28, 2014

1573 – Surrender of Edinburgh Castle (Marian civil war) 
1644 – Bolton Massacre (English Civil War)
 Drawing circa 1845 - Pikeman, 1635. A soldier from the English Civil war

1754 – Battle of Jumonville Glen (French and Indian War) 
1775 – Battle of Chelsea Creek begins (American Revolutionary War) 
1782 – Naval Battle off Halifax begins (American Revolutionary War) (Naval) 
1813 – Second Battle of Sacket’s Harbor begins (War of 1812) 
1864 – Battle of Haw’s Shop; Battle of Totopotomoy Creek begins (US Civil War) 
1885 – Battle of Frenchman’s Butte (North-West Rebellion) 
1905 – Battle of Tsushima Strait ends (Russo-Japanese War) (Naval)
 Damage to Japanese armored cruiser Nisshin after one of its guns burst during the Battle of Tsushima in May 1905. The explosion injured future Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto.

1918 – Battle of Cantigny (WWI) 
1940 – Belgian Army surrenders to Germany (WWII) 
1942 – Second Battle of Kharkov ends (WWII) 
1944 – Allies take Ceprano (WWII) 
1947 – Heshui Campaign begins (Chinese Civil War) 
1953 – Battle of the Hook begins (Korean War) 
1967 – Nine Days in May ends (Vietnam War) 
1982 – Battle of Goose Green begins (Falklands War)
 The Falklands Conflict, April - June 1982 - An Argentine military chaplain with Lieutenant Colonel Martin Balsa, Commander of Grupo de Artilleria 3 photographed in front of a bunker camouflaged by an old lorry (possibly Lt Col Balsa's command post) outside Port Stanley. The chaplain is wearing a jacket marked with a large white cross and plastic knee protectors for kneeling in prayer in the field.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Today in military history: May 27, 2104

1694 – Battle of Torroella (Nine Years’ War) 
 2nd half of 17th century painting attributed to Gerard ter Borch - Officer Writing a Letter
1775 – Battle of Chelsea Creek begins (American Revolutionary War) 
1776 – Battle of the Cedars ends (American Revolutionary War)
 Circa 1773 - Painting depicting a British soldier from a light company and an 
officer from a different company of the same regiment. Given the date when 
the painting was created, as well as the facings, lace and hats, it appears that 
the two men are from the 62nd Regiment of Foot.
1798 – Battle of Oulart Hill (United Irishmen Rebellion) 
1813 – Battle of Fort George ends (War of 1812) 
1847 – Battle of Red River Canyon ends (Mexican-American War) 
1861 – Federals take Newport News, VA (US Civil War) 
1862 – Battle of Hanover Court House, VA (US Civil War) 
1864 – Battle of Pickett’s Mill (US Civil War) 
1905 – Battle of Tsushima Strait begins (Russo-Japanese War) (Naval) 
1918 – Third Battle of the Aisne begins (WWI) 
1940 – Allies take Narvik (WWII) 
1941 – German ship Bismark sunk (Naval); Battle at Habbaniyah ends; Advance on Baghdad begins (WWII); Battle of South Shanxi ends (Second Sino-Japanese War) 
1945 – US forces take Santa Fe, Philippines (WWII)
 3 May 1945 - A captured Japanese Nakajima Type L2D2-3 "Tabby" (s/n 6240) Clark Airfied, Luzon, Philippines, in May 1945. Note Mount Arayat in the background.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Today in military history: May 26, 2014

1249 – Battle of Fossalta (Wars of the Guelphs and Ghibellines)
 4th quarter of the 13th century -
Men with Shields and Weapons
1521 – Siege of Tenochtitlan begins (Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire) 
1573 – Battle of Haarlemmermeer (Eighty Years’ War) (Naval)
 Company of Captain Dirck Jacobsz. Rosecrans and Lieutenant Pauw, Amsterdam, 1588 - Painting by Cornelis Ketel 

1642 – Battle of Honnecourt (Thirty Years’ War)  
1676 – Battle of Bornholm ends (Scanain War) (Naval)   
1798 – Battle of Tara Hill (United Irishmen Rebellion) 
1831 – Battle of Ostroleka (Polish-Russian War of 1830-1831) 
1847 – Battle of Red River Canyon begins (Mexican-American War) 
1859 – Battle of Varese (Second Italian War of Independence) 
1864 – Battle of North Anna, VA ends; Battle of New Hope Church, GA ends; Battle of Dallas begins (US Civil War) 
1865 – Confederate Army of Trans-Mississippi surrenders (US Civil War) 
1904 – Battle of Nanshan ends (Russo-Japanese War) 
1940 – Evacuation at Dunkirk is ordered (WWII)  
1941 – German Offensive in North Africa begins; Battle of Gazala begins (WWII)  
1942 - Battle of Bir Hakeim begins (WWII)
1944 – Allies take Roccasecca, San Giovanni and Artena (WWII) 
 Three German prisoners walking back through the Allied lines 
at Cassino in Italy, May 1944
1970 – Operation Menu ends (Vietnam War) (Air)

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Today in military history: May 25, 2014

1592 – Siege of Busan ends (Imjin War) 
1648 – Storming of Chepstow Castle (Second English Civil War) 
1692 – Siege of Namur begins (Nine Years’ War) 
1734 – Battle of Bitonto (War of the Polish Succession) 
1778 – First raid on Mount Hope Bay (American Revolutionary War) 
1780 – Bird’s Invasion of Kentucky begins; Battle of St. Louis (American Revolutionary War) 
1782 – Crawford expedition begins (American Revolutionary War) 
1798 – Battle of Carlow (United Irishmen Rebellion) 
1813 – Battle of Fort George begins (War of 1812) 
1862 – Battle of Winchester, VA (US Civil War) 
1864 – Battle of New Hope Church, GA begins (US Civil War)
Battlefield, New Hope Church, Ga., 1864, showing Confederate entrenchments - 
 by Mathew Brady

1870 – Battle of Eccles Hill (Fenian Raids) 
1904 – Battle of Nanshan begins (Russo-Japanese War) 
1915 – Battle of Festubert ends; Second Battle of Ypres ends (WWI)
Canadian crew of 15 inch howitzer in action, 1916. 
Probably during the initial bombardment of the Somme June-July 1916.
The lettering on the side of the gun displays its service as: 
1915 Aubers Ridge, Festubert, Loos; 1916 The Bluff Ypres.
1944 – Allies take Cisterna, Cori, Monte Cairo, Piedimonte, and Aquino; Operation Rosselsprung begins (WWII) 
1950 – Wanshan Archipelago Campaign begins (Chinese Civil War) 
2011 – Battle of Do Ab (War in Afghanistan)
 U.S. Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Brylan Riggins (left), with the Nuristan Provincial Reconstruction Team, crosses a temporary bridge on the Alingar River as U.S. Army 1st Lt. Michael Lutkevich, Nuristan Provincial Reconstruction Team security force platoon leader, stands guard in Nuristan province, Afghanistan, on Jan. 23, 2011.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Today in military history: May 24, 2014

1592 – Siege of Busan begins (Imjin War)
 1760 painting by Byeon Bak - Defense of Busanjin Fortress
1777 – Battle of Sag Harbor (American Revolutionary War) 
1779 – Chesapeake raid ends (American Revolutionary War) 
1781 – Invasion of Tobago begins (American Revolutionary War) (Naval) 
1798 – Battle of Ballymore-Eustace; Battle of Naas; Battle of Kilcullen; Battle of Prosperous (United Irishmen Rebellion) 
1807 –Siege of Danzig ends (War of the Fourth Coalition) 
1815 - Battle of the Sink Hole (War of 1812) 
1822 – Battle of Pichincha (Ecuadorian War of Independence) 
1861 – Federals take Alexandria, VA (US Civil War) 
1862 – Battle at New Bridge (US Civil War)
 1862 - Military bridge across Chickahominy River, Virginia

1864 – Battle of Wilson’s Wharf (US Civil War) 
1866 – First Battle of Tuyuti (Paraguayan War) 
1915 – Battle of Bellewaarde (WWI) 
1939 – Battle of Suixian-Zaoyang (Second Sino-Japanese War) 
1941 – Battle of the Denmark Strait (WWII) (Naval)
 Circa March 1946 -
German sailors of the former German heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen at New York City, returning home. Prinz Eugen, officially USS Prinz Eugen (IX-300), originally had a crew of 8 officers and 85 enlisted men of the U.S. Navy supervising 27 officers and 547 enlisted men of the former German Kriegsmarine for tests. The cruiser was sailed from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to San Diego, California via the Panama Canal to take part in Operation Crossroads. The German crew was gradually reduced to zero with the effect that the cruiser reached Pearl Harbor under tow on 10 May 1946, as the U.S. crew could not operate the ultra-high pressure boilers.
1944 – Allies take Pontecorvo and Terracina (WWII) 
2004 – Operation Rainbow ends (Second Intifada)