Saturday, January 19, 2013

Second Battle of Fort Fisher

US Civil War Second Battle of Fort Fisher, January 13 to 15, 1865

The Second Battle of Fort Fisher was a combined Union Army and Navy attack on the last Confederate coastal stronghold on the Atlantic seacoast.  The fort was nearly impenetrable.  Confederate forces depended on naval blockade runners to trade with other nations and supply their armies. Wilmington, North Carolina was the Confederacy’s last open seaport on the Atlantic.  Union forces were nearly five times the size of Confederate forces in this battle and the Union suffered almost three times as many casualties.  The Union army took the fortress however which allowed Wilmington, North Carolina to be captured soon after.  The loss of this seaport nearly ended all Confederate hopes of winning the war.   

USA Major General Alfred Terry

USA Rear Admiral David D. Porter

 Second Battle of Fort Fisher

CSA General Braxton Bragg

CSA Major General Robert Hoke

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