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Monday, September 29, 2014

Today in military history: Unknown day in September

490 BC – (possibly August) Battle of Marathon (Greco-Persian Wars) (partly Naval) 
806 – Battle of Heraclea (Byzantine-Muslim Wars) 
830 – Capture of Palermo begins (Muslim conquest of Sicily) 
831 – Capture of Palermo ends (Muslim conquest of Sicily) 
891 - Battle of Leuven (Belgium) 
1101 – Second Battle of Heraclea (Crusades) 
1147 – Battle of Constantinople (Second Crusade) 
1259 – Battle of Pelagonia (Byzantine-Latin Wars) 
1304 - Action at Earnside (Wars of Scottish Independence) 
1377 – French Naval Raids on England end (England) (Naval) 
1632 – Siege of Nuremberg ends (Thirty Years’ War) 
1718 – Battle of the Salween River (Tibet) 
1915 – Russian Retreat ends (WWI) 
1919 – Polar Bear Expedition begins (Russian Civil War) 
1949 – Fujian Campaign ends (Chinese Civil War) 
1950 – Northern Guangdong Campaign begins (Chinese Civil War) 
1951 –Western Guangxi Campaign ends (Chinese Civil War)

Today in military history: September 30, 2014

1294 – Welsh Revolt against Edward I begins (Wales/England) 
1342 – Battle of Morlaix (Breton War of Succession) 
1509 – Siege of Padua ends (War of the League of Cambrai) 
1639 – Action of 30 September 1639 (Dutch-Portuguese War) (Naval) 
1655 – Battle of Nowy Dwor begins (Second Northern War) 
1707 - Siege of Gaeta ends (War of the Spanish Succession) 
1744 – Battle of Madonna dell’Olmo (War of the Austrian Succession) 
1745 – Battle of Soor (War of the Austrian Succession) 
1846 – Siege of Los Angeles ends (Mexican-American War) 
1862 – Battle of Newtonia (US Civil War) 
1864 – Battle of Fort Harrison (also Chaffin’s Farm) ends (US Civil War) 
1870 – Battle of Le Bourget begins; Battle of Chevilly (Franco-Persian War) 
1877 – Battle of Bear Paw begins (Nez Perce War)  
1943 – Soviets take Krichev; Americans take Avellino, Italy (WWII) 
1944 – Canadians take Calais (WWII) 
1949 - Berlin airlift ends (Cold War)